Our Latest Investment — THE APIS

We are excited to announce our newest strategic investment of $3 millio in TheAPIS .

About TheAPIS

THE APIS is a platform built by blockchain developers for all developers. APIS will take the progressive decentralization path to enable other developers to implement solutions and run decentralized nodes to serve both APIS-Core and APIS-Unified products to the community. The community will decide the fee and reward structures, as the APIS protocol will be community owned. The core development will be handed off to the community as soon as the roadmap is complete; then, the entire ecosystem will be decentralized.

website: https://www.theapis.io

This is a very exciting partnership for us, and we are very much looking forward to the future of THE APIS!

About BTX Capital:

BTX Capital is a leading crypto investment bank offering technical consulting services across the blockchain spectrum. Its staff comes from listing departments for top crypto exchanges and top token funds. Through their consulting services on the offering of plans and personnel and their in-house marketing department, BTX Capital strives to provide the most effective services to empower top-tier blockchain projects to meet the demands of first-tier exchanges.

Website: https://www.btxcap.com

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